KPerp.Exchange Launch Schedule and KPE Distribution

KPerpertual Exchange
2 min readNov 7, 2022


KPerp.Exchange is a decentralised exchange for swap and perpetual trading. It takes the idea of AMMs and improves on it by drastically reducing slippage with large orders and the risk of liquidation to traders. It achieves this by using an aggregate of high-quality price feeds by Witnet and other quality sources to reduce the temporary wicks that can cause liquidation events.

KPE is the utility and governance token of KPerp.Exchange which allows stakers to claim 30% of the fees collected from across the platform. The staking of KPE will accrue rewards in escrowed KPE (esKPE), Multiplier Points and Kava EVM. Escrowed KPE have the same rights and rewards as KPE.

KPE token distribution:

  • 500,000 KPE reserved marketing, partnerships and community development (not allocated)
  • 3 million KPE reserved for rewards (as esKPE which can be converted over time to KPE)
  • 500,000 KPE reserved for liquidity on Elk Finance
  • 150,000 KPE for KPerp.Exchange team (linearly vested over two years)
  • 600,000 KPE allocated to presale

KPerp.Exchange Token Info

  • Listing price: 1 USDC
  • Total supply: 5 million
  • Circulating supply on listing: 600,000 KPE
  • Market cap upon listing: 5 million USD

KPerp.Exchange Presale

Whitelisted public presale = 600,000 KPE at 8% discount (0.92 USDC/KPE), 500 slots

12% of the total supply (600,000) KPE tokens will be distributed through a presale:

Public Presale:

  • Presale price: 0.92 USDC
  • Whitelist slots: 500
  • Individual cap: 1100 USDC
  • Presale cap: 550.000 USDC

Presale Timeline

  • 14. November 2022, 12:00 pm GMT: Whitelist opens
  • 20. November 2022: The whitelist will close once more than 500 slots have been taken, if not, the whitelist will remain open
  • 21. November 2022: Whitelisted presale opens
  • 28. November 2022: Whitelisted presale closes, it will be closed earlier if the hard cap is reached. KPE tokens will be distributed on Kava EVM
  • 30. November 2022: KPE will be listed on ELK Finance using 50,000 of the USDC raised from the presale as initial liquidity paired with 50,000 KPE tokens

Development Timeline

  • 29. November 2022: KPE token distribution
  • 1 December 2022: KPerp.Exchange official launch

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