The Public Whitelist is now closed!

What happens next?

  • You may get the list of whitelisted addresses here.

Public Presale details

  • Presale price: 0.92 USDC

Presale Timeline

Completed 14. November 2022, 12:00 pm GMT: Whitelist opens

Completed 20. November 2022: The whitelist will close once more than 500 slots have been taken, if not, the whitelist will remain open

21. November 2022: Whitelisted presale opens

28. November 2022: Whitelisted presale closes, it will be closed earlier if the hard cap is reached. KPE tokens will be distributed on Kava EVM

30. November 2022: KPE will be listed on ELK Finance using 50,000 of the USDC raised from the presale as initial liquidity paired with 50,000 KPE tokens

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Decentralised Perpetual Exchange Launching on @kava_platform

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